Air Canada

Air Canada offers two classes of service, Business and Economy on maximum of its aircraft. On their long-haul international routes, Business class and Economy class is offered, with certain flights also offering a Premium Economy class.

Air Canada Economy Class

Economy Class is separated into two classes depending on your flight routes International Economy Class and North America and Caribbean Economy Class.

Air Canada Premium Economy Class

More services in relaxing surroundings are offered in this travel class, which is between Economy Class and Business Class.

Air Canada Business Class

Business class provides passengers with extra comfort throughout their trip. Business Class can be differentiated from other travel classes in terms of the standard of seats, meals and drinks, service on the ground and added on-board services.

Air Canada Change Policy

The best course of action if you’re having trouble changing your flight online is to phone the Air Canada Customer Service team. Ask for help changing your flight, and make sure you have your booking reference number on hand. Till you have had a chance to study the confirmation email, keep the customer service representative on the phone. Ask the customer service representative to also inform you of any fees or charges associated with the adjustments that were made.

Air Canada Cancellation Policy

Air Canada charges different cancellation fees for different types of classes booked. Like other airlines, Air Canada also follows certain rules. Passengers need to follow the Air Canada cancellation policy that applies to their condition.

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