EI Malecon

Old Havana may be the city’s heart and soul for tourists, but El Malecón is the city’s heart and soul for Cubans. El Malecón is a 5-mile-long avenue that spans along the water, with Havana Bay on one side and, depending on where you are, the outskirts of Old Havana, Vedado, and Central Havana on the other. In a symbolic sense, though, El Malecón serves as a meeting point and a haven for locals seeking a breath of fresh air after a long day or night.

During the day, you’ll probably encounter a few locals and a few tourists, but at night, especially after sundown, you’ll find flocks of Cubans holding loved ones close as they watch the sunset, swarms of young people laughing and drinking, fishermen waiting for a catch, or maybe a tiny dance party. It’s also possible that you won’t see anyone at all. Specifically.

Visitors, like Havana residents, are fascinated by El Malecón. El Malecón is a magnificent coastal stroll, according to several recent visitors, but the attraction is at its best at night. Keep in mind that some parts of the boardwalk aren’t as well-developed as others, so wearing sturdy shoes may make your journey more enjoyable. El Malecón runs from the end of Paseo de Marti, Old Havana’s major street, to the Almendares River’s mouth, on the outskirts of the Vedado neighbourhood. El Malecón is accessible all year and is absolutely free to visit. Restaurants and stores are close by, thanks to its location on the outskirts of Old Havana and the popular Vedado area.

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