Sierra Maestra National Park

The Sierra Maestra Mountains rise steeply from the shore to the west of the capital city of Santiago de Cuba, the peaks bursting spectacularly from the coast in a linear configuration. The Turquino National Park (also known as Sierra Maestra National Park) is a popular hiking destination for hikers, with a few prominent paths offering spectacular views of the range and the coast, but it’s also of importance to historians looking for Fidel Castro. These cloud-covered mountains provided a safe haven for Castro and the dozen other rebels who escaped the 1956 coup attempt. Castro’s revolutionary command centre was located in these highlands.

Along with political pilgrims, the historic woodland greenery and outstanding birdlife will pique the interest of nature lovers. If you’re in decent shape and have a couple of days on your hands, climb Pico Turquino, Cuba’s highest mountain, which sits at 1974 metres.

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