Fundacion Alejo Carpentier

The museum, lecture hall, research facility, library, and cultural institution where Cuba’s finest novelist, essayist, musicologist, poet, and all-purpose literato put his most renowned work, El Siglo de las Luces (The Century of the Lights), is officially open. Alejo Carpentier (1904-80) began his career as a journalist and music history lecturer at Havana’s National Conservatory, later publishing La Musica en Cuba, El Arpa y la Sombra (The Harp and the Shadow), as well as musical scores, librettos, and poetry. The Casa de la Condesa de la Reuni3n was constructed in 1809 and rebuilt in 1878.

Pharmaceutical Museum

The Museo Farmacetico (Pharmaceutical Museum) is located in Matanzas’ Calle Milanés, directly across from La Libertad Park. Because it has been designated as a National Monument, you will be able to see and admire this 19th century old French pharmacy precisely as it was at the time.

Trinidad Architecture Museum

Trinidad is located in the center-south of Cuba, facing the Caribbean Sea, in the mountainous borders of the Guamuahaya or Escambray Mountains, which are part of the province of Sancti Spritus.

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