Viñales Valley National Park

With a journey to the wonderfully rustic Viales valley, you can slow down the pace of your Cuba vacation. Since 1999, the valley has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique environment, traditional agriculture, vernacular architecture, and multi-ethnic culture. The environment is an unusual panorama of quiet valley floor fields planted with tobacco and dotted with farms, set against a backdrop of neighbouring mountains and the unique’mogotes’ – karst outcrops that dot the valley.

Because of its proximity to Havana and contrast with it, Viales Valley is a popular tourist destination, but it is well-deserved. Hiking and bike routes crisscross the area, some of which are leisurely rambles on level ground, while others take you higher for spectacular views of the valley. Horseback riding is another romantic option to take in the countryside at a slower pace, and wherever you go, you’ll come across tobacco farmers drying their prized crop on drying racks or inviting you in to try a hand-rolled cigar right there in the field. You might even be lucky enough to witness the old art of cigar rolling, which the Cuban people are justly proud of.

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